Saturday, May 30, 2009

I won!

I won the Rainbow Swirlz contest and got one of RoseKnit's amazing box bags, I can't wait to post pictures of it with my latest scarf project.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So I am going to try this blogging thing again and try to stay on the bandwagon, mostly as a way so my family can know what's going on without doing the mass email business.

One new cool thing that I've found through Ravelry is this amazing blog which hosts different give-aways, but even more amazing are the things this lady makes herself. Very cool t-shirts, messenger and field bags and even cute scarves- and everyone who knows me knows what a scarf ho I am. Her Etsy shop is awesome and I think it's really cool how she promotes fellow Etsy sellers on her blog. Check her out on Etsy under Rainbow Swirlz or at her blog you even have to love the Rainbow Swirlz name, how can you not feel the love with a name like that. I love the hand-made community.

I will be back to the 918 starting this next week. Sunny Cali has been amazing but I am excited about the job opportunities that really have the potential to get me the foot in the door

Hearts and Hugs